Monday, 23 April 2012

China Glaze ~ Stone Cold

This was the second of the Hunger Game polishes that arrived in my mailbox.

Behold, two coats without any topcoat:

Oh man was I surprised when I realised this one is a matte! And an awesome, slate grey, silver shimmery matte to boot. As I was going to wear this to a homebrewfestival the same evening I decided to add a glossy topcoat to one finger and HM Matte topcoat to the other 4:

Imho it turned out really well. As this is a matte dry time is extremely fast. Application was also good. However, removal was a major pita. First the charcoal base came off, and dying most of my hand grey, and then I had to do the real heavy work getting rid of the silver glitter. It also seemed to dry really brittle and even though it seemed quite good for wearability, I managed to "crack" the polish on two of my nails, which the turned to chipping from the middle of the nail. Not pretty.

But all in all I'm in love!

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