Sunday, 25 September 2011

Color Club ~ Revvvolution

Yay! I've had a pretty big lemming on this one ever since seeing pictures of it. It's goooooorgeous. So with no further ado:

Nice, mottled grey. Sweet and demure. Yeah right. With sunlight (or any direct light) Prepare for picture overload:

I found it very hard to capture completely, but the second you put some light on it, it gives you a gorgeous, rainbow holo. It's not a llinear holo, but nor is it a regular holo glitter either. It's absolutely lovely, and I've caught myself sitting admiring my nails in all sorts of lights. I think i'm in love.

Do you have any lemmings? Care to share :-)?

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Color Club ~ Holiday splendour

And finally the last of the three glitters I got from Beyond the mistletoe. I really hope the last three get back in stock soon so I can get them before christmas.

One coat:

Two coats:

Small holo glitters in a green jelly-ish base. I know it looks blue/turquois-ish in the pictures, and I've tried to search the net for more colour accurate shots, but it seems they all come out like this. Trust me, it's green green, not blue green. Nice enough polish, but I personally prefer the other two. Which one is your favourite?

Friday, 23 September 2011

Color Club ~ Jingle Jangle

This is the second of the glitters from Beyond the mistletoe. The namesake can be found here. The third, and last one I got will come tomorrow (Holiday splendor). I tried getting the last three polishes too, but so far they're sold out at nailsupplies :-(

One coat:

Two coats:

And finally three coats:

This is without topcoat as I didn't plan on wearing it, (more pretties to swatch and show you all :-) ) but it would definately need a topcoat if you were to wear it as a full mani. Dried very fast, but slightly gritty. Clear base with small pink and blue glitters. Can't see any holo in this one, but it's awesome nevertheless. Probably easiest to use as a layering polish, but it's almost opaque in three layers. Any suggestions on what to layer it over?

Thursday, 22 September 2011

China Glaze ~ Halloween 2011, Haunting

And here is the second of the Halloween glitters:

It's a "simple" black polish with a smattering of silver glitter. I type simple in quotation marks, because as the principle is quite simple the result is pretty awesome. It looks like the sky on a clear, dark winter night. Really really pretty.

I decided to try this one with another of China Glaze's crackle polishes, Platinum Pieces:

Ok, this combo was a bit of a dud. I actually think Platinum pieces could be nice over a plain black (like Liquid leather or similar), but here it just ate up all the pretty silver glitters. It looks decent, but the whole magical night sky feeling is lost.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

China Glaze ~ Halloween 2011, It's alive!

Halloween is almost here (ok, ok, it's still about 5 weeks away but the halloween collections are already out.) China Glaze has released a collection with 2 glitters, 2 cremes and a glow-in-the-dark topcoat. I got the two glitters and the ghoulish glow topcoat, and here is the first of the glitters

It's alive:

This is two coats without topcoat. It's a dark, moss green jelly base packed with small round and larger hex glitters. The glitters appear very golden but I'm pretty sure they're green like the base. Application was good, dry time was very fast. It dries pretty gritty, and as it came bundled with China Glaze Fast forward topcoat I decided to give my trusty Seche Vite a pass and try it.

Here it is with topcoat. It smoothed out the polish, and made the colour deepen a bit. Fast forward really dried fast. I didn't time it, but for general purposes it felt as fast as Seche Vite. The consistency seemed very runny, but that may be me being used to (often slightly dried out) SV. Anyone else tried this topcoat? I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.

In the bundle was also a bottle of Black mesh, the black crackle from CG. I have a bottle of this already, so the new one will go into giveaway/swap pile. However, I dug out my old bottle and tried it on:

So far I haven't been completely awed by crackle-polishes, but I really liked this combo. I originally thought I'd found my halloween mani but I'm not so sure anymore. What do you think? Which would be your favorite for halloween?

H&M ~ Aqua

This one is from H&M, I have honestly no clue when i picked it up, but guessing some time during the summer.

This is two coats with seche on top. Application was decent, and I absolutely love the colour. It looks like the caribbean on a beautiful summer day. So why don't I love this polish? Not sure, but it seemed a bit funky. Probably didn't help that it took a good while to dry so I managed to bump it a bit here and there. Or possibly it just clashes with my skin tone?

Have you tried this polish? What do yo think about it?

Monday, 12 September 2011

Color club ~ Jewel of a girl

This is from last years fall collection, Untamed Luxury.

Gorgeous! Dark wine red/brown shimmer. Makes me want to curl up with a glass of red wine and a bowl of chocolate truffles. Two coats. Application was a dream and the drying time was decent.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Kleancolor ~ Starry meteor

This is a very sheer, green based holo glitter polish. Here layered over China Glaze Paper chasing:

The base is incredibly sheer so this is definately a layering polish for me. It has both long stick-glitter and medium round, both types holo. Here I have only one coat, so it's not overly blingy, but gives a nice bit of oomph to PC. I think with a coat or two more it'd be a real showstopper. :-)

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Essie ~ Power clutch

Well, another virginity lost. My first ever Essie polish. Haven't gotten around to buying many of those yet as I tend to be caught up with all the loud, blingy, awesome (and very cheap) China Glaze and Color Club. Hopefully I'll get around to Essie a lot more in the future.

The pictures are blurry, but it's honestly the best I got. May have something to do with having to rush as the sun was setting really fast. Dark grey with a slight hint of green. Two coats, great application but a slightly long drying time. Great office-polish (well, Sio, with a name like that, what did you really expect huh??) And as I'll be wearing it tomorrow for a meeting with my boss where salary is one of the topics, here's to hopeing for a little help for the Power clutch. :-D

What do you generally think about Essie polishes? Any I really should try?

China Glaze ~ Paper chasing

From the summer collection in 2009 named Kicks, and it really does have a massive kick!

This colour is one of the more awesome I've seen. Clear, bold green with some shimmer. It reminds me of some see-through, glassy very artificial glacee cherries a friend brought me from the states. In that glassy, see-through quality lies, however sadly, on of it's bigger downfalls. It's SO sheer. Above is three coats and there is still a massively distinctive vnl. Well, i could live with that, but it stained my nails something terrible and made me look like I've been a chain-smoker for 40 years. Major fail. I had originally thought to re-apply it to layer Kleancolor's Chunky holo green over it, but i'll need a break first.

Have you tried this? Did it stain, or do I just need a better basecoat? And what is the story behind the name? I'm completely lost on the meaning behind this one.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

OPI ~ Uh oh, roll down the window

Now this is more like it. Another one from this fall's Touring America collection.

Two coats. Still a bit of the streaky mess situation from Suzi takes the wheel, but atleast the colour is better. Dark, dusty olive/army green. This is more my kind of fall green. Still not very awed, but atleast it's a step in the right direction :-) I take solace in the fact that Alizarine has bottleshots of the Muppets collection, and there are a couple there that look promising.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Giveaway over at NailsN'cupcakes

The lovely Kia over at NailsN'cupcakes is hosting a smashing giveaway partially sponsored by IsaDora and has some kickass polishes and plenty other goodies. Direct link to the giveaway post is here. Now scoot on over and leave a message :-)

Color Club ~ Beyond the mistletoe

This is the namesake from the Color Club collection Beyond the mistletoe. It doesn't say outright anywhere, but due to the name and awesome bling-factor I assume this is atleast part of the holiday release(s). And is it ever sparkly. They are actually so sparkly I had major problems getting them properly focused. (Okay, I was sloppy. Don't tell anyone ;-) )

One coat:

Two coats:

Three coats:

And for extra glitter goodness, one shot (purposely this time):

The base is a pale baby blue and it's absolutely packed with small holo glitter. Seriously, this is the stuff Edward Cullen's skin is made of. And, in contrast to the Twilight movies, this one is truly awesome!

Application was good, dry time was fast. Even with one coat of Seche vite it's pretty gritty, so for the not so patience-challenged among us a thicker topcoat is probably better.

I absolutely recommend you get this one. It's party on a bottle, and for $3,- it really is a no-brainer :-)