Wednesday, 22 August 2012

China Glaze ~ Bohemian: Almost all the rest

As I forgot to order Rare & Radiant, that one will have to wait another week or two (depending on how fast my parcel can paddle across the Atlantic). However here are the other 4 remaining polishes in the Bohemian collection. All polishes are three coats, no topcoat.

Deviantly Daring:

Nice green-to-teal metallic duochrome. I must admit I didn't notice the duochrome too well when I first applied it, but as I wore it over a couple of days it became more noticeable.

Want my Bawdy:

Another one without a hugely obvious duochrome. There seems to be slightly more purple to blue in som angles, otherwise a nice blurple.

Swanky Silk:

Champagne-pink duochrome with a slight green flash here and there.

No Plain Jane:

Purple-gold duochrome. I see others have had problems seeing the colour shift in this one but as you can see, mine showed up pretty well. Of the colours that aren't usually my regular style I think this one is my favourite.

So there you have them. Hopefully I'll get Rare & Radiant in the not-so-distant future too. Do you own any? All? Any of them that scream out "Buy Me!"?

Sunday, 19 August 2012

China Glaze ~ Unpredictable

Yay, we're back up to speed. This one is from the recently released Bohemian collection and described as luster chrome finish. In my world this translates to shiny duochrome so Iæm a happy camper.

Two coats:

It has a teal base with a duochrome that flashes from gold straight on until almost a sapphire blue in some light at extreme angles. Bummer enough there was a massive overcast here when I photographed it (what else is new right?) but I wore it out yesterday and even a couple of guys grabbed my hand and exclaimed "Freaky!!". (I guess that's guy-talk for truly awesome nailpolish.)

Formula and application was good. I did get a tiny bit of bubbling, so a trick might be not to be as impatient as I am. Two coats were enough for me, but I can see it's pretty sheer in the tip departement, so if your nails are long you'd very possibly want a third coat.

Love it!

Saturday, 18 August 2012

China Glaze ~ Fast Track and Fois Gras

These are the last two regular polishes (I didn't get Mahogany Magic, Not a big fan of brown polishes.)

Fast Track:

Dusty champagne with lots of gold shimmer. Here is another bottleshot to show off a bit more of the gold:

Pretty enough polish if you need one for the office. Thankfully I rarely meet with outsiders at work and can revel in the more fun colours :-p

Fois Gras:

Another one for the office. Dusty dark taupe/purple-ish color.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

China Glaze ~ Smoke and Ashes

Another really unique polish here.

It's a really dark/black base with a lot of blue and green glitter. Here is a bottleshot to show the glitter a little blit better:

Some of the glitter also has a bit of a gold flash in some angles, but it was more visible in the bottle. Another hit in my book!

China Glaze ~ Riveting

Here is what's probably my absolute favourite of the collection. (Possibly tied with Stone Cold, but they're so different it's OK).

My nails were on fire with this one. Great orange jelly base with masses of gold shimmer. I wore this to a club meeting, and even a couple of the guys noticed it!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

China Glaze ~ Electrify

I just realised that I let the blog go into hibernation in April. Bad enough. I also did it in the middle of the Hunger Games collection. Worse!

So here is the next one - Electrify:

I think this was 3 coats. Red and gold glitter. Almost looks like chunky fire in a bottle. Very good party bling.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

China Glaze ~ Harvest Moon

After a couple of days with the rather neutral shades, I have a stunner today:

This is two coats of the most gorgeous copper shimmer shade I've ever seen. It's very shiny and almost looks a bit like a foil. This one makes the magpie inside of me sit up and squawk WANTS! NEEDS! And I can happily smile to myself in the knowledge that it's safely tucked away in my helmer.