Saturday, 22 October 2011

Essie ~ Wild thing and Color Club ~ Platinum record

Here's another random Essie (I do love the half price for Essie when signed in at Nailsupplies). This time Wild thing.

Dark raspberry shimmer with sparse holo glitter. I kept the really blurry one to show off these little (almost) hidden gems a bit better. Consistency was really runny and dry time was long, so it'll probably stay in a drawer for a while, but it really is pretty.

Due to the longish dry time I managed to completely mangle both my thumbs. So instead of re-applying the same one I wanted to try out Platinum record from Color Club.

For some reason I keep calling this one Platinum pieces, probably as that's what it looks like. It's really sparkly large silver hex pieces with some smaller silver and grey glitters inbetween. I do think it probably will look a lot better layered over a black or similar.

And for the full hand

So, what do you think?

Friday, 21 October 2011

Color Club ~ Wicked sweet

This is one of the scented polishes Color Club released last summer.

The colour is awesome. Aqua blue with a slight golden shimmer. Very pretty. I was very curious about the scent. It smells of fake bubblegum/tutti frutti to me. Perhaps it should be renamed sickly sweet? I really want to try one of the lime or lemon scented ones, but as for this one, nomatter how pretty a clour I think it may get donated to someone a lot younger than me. Around 5 or so...

Have you tried scented polishes? What di you think of the whole concept?

Thursday, 20 October 2011

IsaDora ~ Pink lemonade and All city brown graffiti

Here are two more of the Isadora polishes I got from Kia:

Two coats. Application was good, and dry time absolutely decent. The pictures are taken on day 3 so wear was pretty good aswell. In the bottle (and by name) this one looks really pink, however, atleast on my nails it looks more coral. In Norwegian we call what this one looks like "salmon pink" and that fits the bill pretty well imo. This was also my first experience with the IsaDora crackle polishes. It looked very unevern and "weird" when I applied it but as it dried it evened out nicely.

The crackle (or graffiti-) polish actually cracked a lot nicer on my right hand so here is a better pic

That is what i call a perfect crackle pattern. Pretty evenly distributed in both directions. I definately need more of these graffiti polishes.

Which crakle is your favourite?

Thursday, 13 October 2011

IsaDora City Khaki

I was so lucky to win the giveaway hosted by Kia at NailsN'cupcakes earlier this fall, and a lovely package arrived a few days ago. One of the items in it was IsaDora's City khaki. This is a polish I've actually ogled for a while, but as I usually shop online, I rarely remember it when I'm actually IN a store, plus i still haven't really managed to justify the price when there are still so many pretty polishes I need (yes, i need them :-p  who cost a fraction, even with shipping. But now the wait is over:

It's a rather neutral grey-beige with a silver shimmer (pretty well visible in the second picture). Two coats, nice formula. The dry time was absolutely dreadful. Even with Fast forward it dented and nicked half an hour after application :-( But for the colour, I can live with it.

An apologies for indoor lighting. Daylight is getting to be a rare commodity here now, and being at work pretty much means darkness after I get home, fix dinner etc. So sunlit shots will have to be a weekend item until we reach March or so.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

China Glaze ~ Ruby pumps

I got a tip about this polish on the Norwegian discussion forum for nailpolish, so the next time I went cyber-shopping I tossed it in the cart. It was not a mistake.

This is two coats. As Misa's Divine fuchsia this one also has a pink-ish base. however, it is also jam-packed with red glitter, so it doesn't really appear pink in two coats. Very pretty in my opinion. Think I'll use it again at a christmasparty, or perhaps even Valentines?

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Color Club ~ Under the Mistletoe

Woohoo. I have finally managed to order the last three glitters from the UtM collection. Together with 6 of China Glaze's Let it Snow they should hopefully be here some time next week :-) *Does the happy hamster dance*

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Misa ~ Divine fuchsia

This was a polish I just chucked in with my Surreal escape collection. I have no clue when it came out.

In daylight it has a slight pink tint, in the evening it's a more pure red. Very pretty red with a faint silver shimmer. And apologies for horribly blurry pictures.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Misa ~ Surreal escape

This little bundle of fun dumped into my mailbox last week. Didn't manage to get swatches up before the weekend, but here they are:

Grey matters:

Pale grey with darker shimmer in sort of a speckle pattern. Realy pretty and cool, but man! Sheer, runny, droopy, couple of bubbles plus took forever to dry. This is three coats. Sadly no sun as it was playing peek-a-boo with me and decided to show as I was removing the polish.

Spaced out:

Same dark speckle effect as Grey matters, but the base has a beige-y tint (greige?) and it appears to also have a bit of a blue shimmer. Better consistency and drying time than GM, but I personally prefer the neutral grey.

Beyond infinity:

Dusty bley/grey with a slight shimmer. In a collection with 3 duochromes and 2 funky speckled polishes, this one feels a bit lost, but I still think it's really pretty. Probably not a very unique colour, but I have none like it in my collection.

The great green whatsit:

Slight duochrome flashing from green to blue, with a fine silver glitter. There is a pink/purple flash in the bottle, but sadly it doesn't really show on the nail. Took forever to dry and was impossible to photograph. Ugh, pretty in the bottle but I'm honestly not sure I'm going to bother with using it for a good while.

Shields up:

Exremely sheer. Reminds me of Katy Perry - Not like the movies from OPI, I think I need to do a comparison on these two. Primarily green/pink duochrome, with the same silver glitter as in The great green whatsit. Really pretty.

Phasers on stunning:

Stunning! Metallic green with a rust coloured duochrome. Sadly, the rust colour was almost impossible to capture as I had to keep my nails almost completely flat, but I promise you it's there. The base green is much stronger than the one in Shields up, and it also has the same fine silver glitter as the two other duochromes. I think this one might well be my favourite, with Grey matters and Beyond infinity in the next spots.

All of these were 3 coats, and none were exactly a joy in application. PoS and BI were the least troublesome of the bunch for me, with tGGW taking the lead for horrible formula. Have you tried any of these? Which is your favourite?

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Color Club ~ Revvvolution

Yay! I've had a pretty big lemming on this one ever since seeing pictures of it. It's goooooorgeous. So with no further ado:

Nice, mottled grey. Sweet and demure. Yeah right. With sunlight (or any direct light) Prepare for picture overload:

I found it very hard to capture completely, but the second you put some light on it, it gives you a gorgeous, rainbow holo. It's not a llinear holo, but nor is it a regular holo glitter either. It's absolutely lovely, and I've caught myself sitting admiring my nails in all sorts of lights. I think i'm in love.

Do you have any lemmings? Care to share :-)?

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Color Club ~ Holiday splendour

And finally the last of the three glitters I got from Beyond the mistletoe. I really hope the last three get back in stock soon so I can get them before christmas.

One coat:

Two coats:

Small holo glitters in a green jelly-ish base. I know it looks blue/turquois-ish in the pictures, and I've tried to search the net for more colour accurate shots, but it seems they all come out like this. Trust me, it's green green, not blue green. Nice enough polish, but I personally prefer the other two. Which one is your favourite?