Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Color club ~ Foiled metallics swatches

And here they are in their full beauty. And oh my are they beauties. All of these are two coats, no topcoat except for Perfect Mol-ten. Behold:

Cold metal:

Medium denim blue. Daylight but sadly a mean cloud in front of the sun. These are truly jam packed with a fine silver glitter. you can see the "silver veins" in the bottle, and I was a bit worried about even application due to this, but it was not an issue at all. All in my imagination. Great colour, one of my top three.

Hot like lava:

Deep, medium pink. And by deep I don't really mean dark, but very saturated. This is definately not a barbie-pink. Cerise? It's pretty no matter what you decide to call it, that's for sure.


This was one of the colours I'd looked forward to the most. True icy blue. a light version of the blue you can see deep down in a glacier crevice. I won't say i was directly disappointed with this, but I had hoped it would pack a bit more of a punch. As it is it's more silvery-blue than icy-blue. But still a very pretty polish, and I shall cherish it for a long long time.

Foil me once:

Second pink of the collection. This is a lighter pink than Hot like lava. More pure "barbie" pink. I'm going to try this one as a stamping polish, but I can't really see myself wearing it as a regular mani. Nothing wrong with the polish, just not my cup of tea.


Champage-pink foil. Very neutral and nice colour. Another one that doesn't necessarily scream "wear me" to me, but I can see this as a nice office polish without being too drab, and also I think it'll have a nice potential for stamping.

Perfect mol-ten:

This has a layer of Seche vite on top, as I decided this colour is so gorgeous I have to wear it as a full mani for a day atleast. Really stunning. I'm desperately trying to accurately describe this one, but I'm not sure I have the words. It's a bit like China Glaze Cherish, only less yellow, more silver and foil instead og frost. This was the one I wanted the most, and it did definately not disappoint! My favourite of the collection.

So to sum up. 4 awesome polishes and 2 ok. Great formula, good dry time. And at 3 bucks a pop I absolutely recommend everyone to get these. Are you getting any? All? Any obvious favourites?

My first konad

I got a package in the mail today. I had ordered 3 konad stamping plates and a stamp. I didn't bother with scraper or polishes as I read around that people suggest using a plastic card as the scraper will scratch the plates, plus I already have oodles of polish and I'm sure some of them will work for stamping.

So here goes:

The base is OPI Skull and glossbones, the thumb is Milani Black magic and the rest of the fingers are China Glaze Liquid leather. The thumb really is a lot lighter than the rest (hence the reason for it being only on one finger :-p ) I used the m36 plate, and I don't think it was too shabby for a first ever attempt. Now I just gotta nick some more acetone, some isopropanol and borrow a pair of tweezers from work :-D

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Color club ~ Foiled bottleshots

Another day, another package in the mailbox :-D

Today I came home to Color club's Foiled collection plus three of the glitters from Beyond the mistletoe. Hope I can swatch them tomorrow, but for now; bottleshots:


Beyond the mistletoe:

Holiday splendor is not colour-accurate in this shot, it's much more green and less blue. Beyond the mistletoe is INSANE! Just look:

Sparkles! Rainbows! Glitter! Holo! Swoon!

OPI ~ Skull and glossbones

This is the other polish I got from the Pirates collection. Neutral, grey creme:

I am sorry OPI. I hear a lot of people rave about your polishes, but I just can't see it. This is two coats, and if I hold my nails up to the light it's a streaky mess with a couple of bald spots to boot. I feared the worst when I did the first coat, but thought number two would make it better. Well, it did make it better but it didn't make it good. If I were to wear this polish on it's own I'd probably have to add a third coat, and for a plain creme? Sorry, not good enough when I can wallow in other brands who have better formulas and lower prices. As I'm just using it as a base for my first attempts to konad (stay tuned ;-) ) it will stay, but unless I get an amazing konad I do fear that this one will end up in the swap/give away pile.

Am I the only one that feels this about OPI at the moment?

Monday, 29 August 2011

Kleancolor ~ Grand finale

Another of Kleancolor's awesome glitters. Here layered over China Glaze's Gussied up green:

This is a really weird and unusual (for me atleast) glitter. To be honest it makes me think of a cd that has been thrown through a woodchipper. It's long, spindly silver-holo sticks in a clear base. You gotta pay a little bit of attention when applying to get the glitter pieces where you want, but it's no big hassle. I tried this over Gussied up green as I already wore it, but I'm not completely sold on the combo. I think it would be awesome over a black, or generally brighter colours. As in either go bright and colourful, or stick to plain black.

In the end it's still an awesome glitter, and I look forward to testing it over other colours aswell. :-)

Sunday, 28 August 2011

China Glaze ~ Gussied up green

This is from Rodeo Divas, the fall collection from 2008.


As i start application my first thought is What?! Brown-ish?Isn't is supposed to be green? I look closer at the bottle and I see green shimmer and blue-purple flash in a slightly brown-y base. With the second coat it all comes together. And does it ever come together. Deep, shimmery forest green. Really smooth application, and opaque in two coats. You can still see a bit of the brown-ish base near my cuticles. Very shiny, very fall. Have you tried this? What do you think?

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Kleancolor ~ Chunky holo teal

After a couple of days wear I decided to try the Chunky holo teal over Teal marble, and here is the result. It's a holo glitter in a very sheer, slightly blue base. If this wasn't layered I don't really want to think about how many coats it would need, but it's a pretty layering polish.

I also got a slightly weird picture that really shows off the golden aspects of the holo glitter

Sorry about the tipwear, but working in a lab wearing gloves for full days really kills nailpolish. I'm just glad (and very surprised) this one didn't automatically peel after a day which is usually what happens. The top picture shows off the holo glitter in the bottle quite well too I think.