Thursday, 13 October 2011

IsaDora City Khaki

I was so lucky to win the giveaway hosted by Kia at NailsN'cupcakes earlier this fall, and a lovely package arrived a few days ago. One of the items in it was IsaDora's City khaki. This is a polish I've actually ogled for a while, but as I usually shop online, I rarely remember it when I'm actually IN a store, plus i still haven't really managed to justify the price when there are still so many pretty polishes I need (yes, i need them :-p  who cost a fraction, even with shipping. But now the wait is over:

It's a rather neutral grey-beige with a silver shimmer (pretty well visible in the second picture). Two coats, nice formula. The dry time was absolutely dreadful. Even with Fast forward it dented and nicked half an hour after application :-( But for the colour, I can live with it.

An apologies for indoor lighting. Daylight is getting to be a rare commodity here now, and being at work pretty much means darkness after I get home, fix dinner etc. So sunlit shots will have to be a weekend item until we reach March or so.


  1. Den var fin. :-) Fint shimmer.

  2. Anbefales på det sterkeste. Når jeg ser på den i ettertid så minner egentlig shimmeret meg litt om "flekkene" i de to siste Misa-lakkene.