Monday, 3 October 2011

Misa ~ Surreal escape

This little bundle of fun dumped into my mailbox last week. Didn't manage to get swatches up before the weekend, but here they are:

Grey matters:

Pale grey with darker shimmer in sort of a speckle pattern. Realy pretty and cool, but man! Sheer, runny, droopy, couple of bubbles plus took forever to dry. This is three coats. Sadly no sun as it was playing peek-a-boo with me and decided to show as I was removing the polish.

Spaced out:

Same dark speckle effect as Grey matters, but the base has a beige-y tint (greige?) and it appears to also have a bit of a blue shimmer. Better consistency and drying time than GM, but I personally prefer the neutral grey.

Beyond infinity:

Dusty bley/grey with a slight shimmer. In a collection with 3 duochromes and 2 funky speckled polishes, this one feels a bit lost, but I still think it's really pretty. Probably not a very unique colour, but I have none like it in my collection.

The great green whatsit:

Slight duochrome flashing from green to blue, with a fine silver glitter. There is a pink/purple flash in the bottle, but sadly it doesn't really show on the nail. Took forever to dry and was impossible to photograph. Ugh, pretty in the bottle but I'm honestly not sure I'm going to bother with using it for a good while.

Shields up:

Exremely sheer. Reminds me of Katy Perry - Not like the movies from OPI, I think I need to do a comparison on these two. Primarily green/pink duochrome, with the same silver glitter as in The great green whatsit. Really pretty.

Phasers on stunning:

Stunning! Metallic green with a rust coloured duochrome. Sadly, the rust colour was almost impossible to capture as I had to keep my nails almost completely flat, but I promise you it's there. The base green is much stronger than the one in Shields up, and it also has the same fine silver glitter as the two other duochromes. I think this one might well be my favourite, with Grey matters and Beyond infinity in the next spots.

All of these were 3 coats, and none were exactly a joy in application. PoS and BI were the least troublesome of the bunch for me, with tGGW taking the lead for horrible formula. Have you tried any of these? Which is your favourite?

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