Tuesday, 19 July 2011

China Glaze ~ Señorita Bonita

Here is Señorita Bonita from this years summer collection. Gorgeous purple with shimmer and lots of coppery flakes. I think I'm in love with this color.

First three are taken indoors, just out of the sun, last one is in direct sunlight.

OK, I said I love the color, and I do. However I'm not exactly sold on the formula. Above is 3 coats with SV on top, and I can still see some VNL when I hold my hand to the sun. Also, it was pretty runny, I kept getting big blobs of polish on the brush, even with careful dipping and wiping off excess on the bottleneck. However, considering the massive gorgeouseness of it, I can definately live with those flaws.

Anyone else tried this? Had the same experience with application?

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