Saturday, 30 July 2011

Harry Potter Mani

I finally went to see the last harry Potter movie last night, and as it was the last of an era I wanted to do up my nails. Sadly, I was in a hurry so result was a bit bleh, but here it is.

Please disregard "crunch" on Slytherin finger, and the red streaks on Hufflepuff :-( As I said, i was in a real hurry, so had no time to redo, or really wait for it to dry completely.) These are CG Jolly Holly and Depend 047 silver glitter for Slytherin, CG Lemon Fizz and Milani Black Magic for Hufflepuff, CG First Mate and CG Goin' my way for Ravenclaw and finally CG Phat Santa and Depend 045 gold glitter for Gryffindor. If nothing else this exercise taught me I need more time, a better yellow and a more complete bronze polishes. But it was a fun experiment.

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