Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Color club ~ Foiled metallics swatches

And here they are in their full beauty. And oh my are they beauties. All of these are two coats, no topcoat except for Perfect Mol-ten. Behold:

Cold metal:

Medium denim blue. Daylight but sadly a mean cloud in front of the sun. These are truly jam packed with a fine silver glitter. you can see the "silver veins" in the bottle, and I was a bit worried about even application due to this, but it was not an issue at all. All in my imagination. Great colour, one of my top three.

Hot like lava:

Deep, medium pink. And by deep I don't really mean dark, but very saturated. This is definately not a barbie-pink. Cerise? It's pretty no matter what you decide to call it, that's for sure.


This was one of the colours I'd looked forward to the most. True icy blue. a light version of the blue you can see deep down in a glacier crevice. I won't say i was directly disappointed with this, but I had hoped it would pack a bit more of a punch. As it is it's more silvery-blue than icy-blue. But still a very pretty polish, and I shall cherish it for a long long time.

Foil me once:

Second pink of the collection. This is a lighter pink than Hot like lava. More pure "barbie" pink. I'm going to try this one as a stamping polish, but I can't really see myself wearing it as a regular mani. Nothing wrong with the polish, just not my cup of tea.


Champage-pink foil. Very neutral and nice colour. Another one that doesn't necessarily scream "wear me" to me, but I can see this as a nice office polish without being too drab, and also I think it'll have a nice potential for stamping.

Perfect mol-ten:

This has a layer of Seche vite on top, as I decided this colour is so gorgeous I have to wear it as a full mani for a day atleast. Really stunning. I'm desperately trying to accurately describe this one, but I'm not sure I have the words. It's a bit like China Glaze Cherish, only less yellow, more silver and foil instead og frost. This was the one I wanted the most, and it did definately not disappoint! My favourite of the collection.

So to sum up. 4 awesome polishes and 2 ok. Great formula, good dry time. And at 3 bucks a pop I absolutely recommend everyone to get these. Are you getting any? All? Any obvious favourites?


  1. Oh, I'm loving them! My favorite is Perfect mol-ten

  2. I absolutely agree. With Cold metal and Hot like lava in shared second.

  3. Gorgeous. You know what's weird though - I have 3 - the green foil, blue foil and deep pink, but my green is called Hot Like Lava nd the deep pink has a name Antiquated on it o.O Only the blue is called just like here - cold metal

  4. That is weird, I think I saw something similar on a blog somewhere (could it've been yours? Profile link doesn't work :-( ) Tried looking at CC's own online shop but the collection is not there, Nailsupplies has the same naming mine does, 8ty8beauty doesn't seem to have the collection. It really is confusing :)