Thursday, 4 August 2011

China Glaze ~ Metro collection, Uptown

Wooot, the wonderful postman had a sweet delivery for me today. the first half of Metro, the China Glaze fall collection. These six polishes comprise the "Uptown" part, I'm expecting "Downtown" within a week, so stay tuned :)

City Siren:

This is a gorgeous blue/berry creme. I get vibes from black cherries, with a slight muted, dusty/smoky feel to it. I tried to get accurate photos of it but they all turned out way to orange. There is NO orange/yellow undertones here. The first photo has been rather heavily modified to attempt to get the colour of the polish somewhat siimilar to the real one. Second one has not been touched at all.


Dark milk chocolate if that makes sense. A bit like terracotta clay, but again darker. Slight dark, burnt orange feel to it. I never thought I'd be a "brown nailpolish person", but I think this one has convinced me I need more.

Street Chic:

Dark taupe. Medium brown with quite a bit of grey, and a little bit of purple. Personally I prefer Brownstone to this one.

Traffic Jam:


Dusty berry blue pink. Absolutely stunning color imho. I know it's a fall colour but to me this one screams of frozen margaritas while lounging by the pool. Aka just the thing one dreams about on rainy summer evenings up here in the north. Lovely, lovely, lovely.


Smoky aubergine. For the life of me I couldn't seem to get a good picture of it. I took 18(!) The top is outside, no flash, bottom outside with flash. The sun has now really abandoned me behind the clouds
:-( Great, vampy color. This is the kind of colour I think of when I think of fall.

CG in the city:

Sparkles!!!  I see pink, I see silver, I even see some purple. I see a party in a bottle. After three coats I have the feeling someone has whizzed up an aubergine together with a LOT of silver sparklies. This really is so pretty. It dried a tiny bit gritty, but Seche vite took care of that, for the most part.

I pretty much liked all these to be honest. The most dull for me was probably Street Chic, while my favorite was without a doubt CG in the city. The first four are 1 coat, I might've gotten the colour a bit more accurate with two, but honestly, for a quick mani these could easily pass with only one coat. Urban-night was two and CG in the city is three. CG in the city is the only one with topcoat, as I intent to keep this one for a day or two. Soooo pretty. *Swoon*

So. do you have a favourite? Any of these that really did not cater to your tastes? Do let me hear :-)

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