Tuesday, 30 August 2011

OPI ~ Skull and glossbones

This is the other polish I got from the Pirates collection. Neutral, grey creme:

I am sorry OPI. I hear a lot of people rave about your polishes, but I just can't see it. This is two coats, and if I hold my nails up to the light it's a streaky mess with a couple of bald spots to boot. I feared the worst when I did the first coat, but thought number two would make it better. Well, it did make it better but it didn't make it good. If I were to wear this polish on it's own I'd probably have to add a third coat, and for a plain creme? Sorry, not good enough when I can wallow in other brands who have better formulas and lower prices. As I'm just using it as a base for my first attempts to konad (stay tuned ;-) ) it will stay, but unless I get an amazing konad I do fear that this one will end up in the swap/give away pile.

Am I the only one that feels this about OPI at the moment?


  1. Synes ikke at Skull and glossbones er no særlig, litt kjedelig farge. Er enig i at kvaliteten på opi varierer mye, men for meg har det nesten alltid vært positivt. Synd at du har hatt en sånn dårlig erfaring

  2. Enig i at fargen er veldig bleh, men den funker faktisk, i alle fall til en viss grad, som base for stempling.

    Får se om jeg kanskje holder meg litt unna OPI nå. Evt så har jeg vel bare creme lakker derfra foreløpig, så kan jo håpe glitterne er bedre :-)