Wednesday, 21 September 2011

H&M ~ Aqua

This one is from H&M, I have honestly no clue when i picked it up, but guessing some time during the summer.

This is two coats with seche on top. Application was decent, and I absolutely love the colour. It looks like the caribbean on a beautiful summer day. So why don't I love this polish? Not sure, but it seemed a bit funky. Probably didn't help that it took a good while to dry so I managed to bump it a bit here and there. Or possibly it just clashes with my skin tone?

Have you tried this polish? What do yo think about it?


  1. Ser ganske fin ut den her da, ikke no særlig unikt, men fortsatt fin!

  2. Fin farge i utgangspunktet. Bare ett eller anna som ikke helt klikka mellom meg og den tror jeg.