Monday, 5 September 2011

Color Club ~ Beyond the mistletoe

This is the namesake from the Color Club collection Beyond the mistletoe. It doesn't say outright anywhere, but due to the name and awesome bling-factor I assume this is atleast part of the holiday release(s). And is it ever sparkly. They are actually so sparkly I had major problems getting them properly focused. (Okay, I was sloppy. Don't tell anyone ;-) )

One coat:

Two coats:

Three coats:

And for extra glitter goodness, one shot (purposely this time):

The base is a pale baby blue and it's absolutely packed with small holo glitter. Seriously, this is the stuff Edward Cullen's skin is made of. And, in contrast to the Twilight movies, this one is truly awesome!

Application was good, dry time was fast. Even with one coat of Seche vite it's pretty gritty, so for the not so patience-challenged among us a thicker topcoat is probably better.

I absolutely recommend you get this one. It's party on a bottle, and for $3,- it really is a no-brainer :-)

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