Friday, 23 September 2011

Color Club ~ Jingle Jangle

This is the second of the glitters from Beyond the mistletoe. The namesake can be found here. The third, and last one I got will come tomorrow (Holiday splendor). I tried getting the last three polishes too, but so far they're sold out at nailsupplies :-(

One coat:

Two coats:

And finally three coats:

This is without topcoat as I didn't plan on wearing it, (more pretties to swatch and show you all :-) ) but it would definately need a topcoat if you were to wear it as a full mani. Dried very fast, but slightly gritty. Clear base with small pink and blue glitters. Can't see any holo in this one, but it's awesome nevertheless. Probably easiest to use as a layering polish, but it's almost opaque in three layers. Any suggestions on what to layer it over?

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