Sunday, 4 September 2011

Kleancolor ~ Chunky holo black

This is probably the polish I had looked the most forward to of my new Kleancolor polishes. In the bottle it's a true rainbow, but on the nail I mainly got gold/orange and green flashes. This is one coat over a generous coat of China Glaze Liquid leather:

I first attempted to wear it on it's own, but it's so incredibly sheer that I'd never be happy. Application is easy, and there was no need for any major fishing expeditions. However I was rather sad that none of the blue/purple flash showed up on the nail. Anyone else tried this and managed to get all the colours?


  1. Så kjipt! Venter på min egen kleancolor pakke selv så da får jeg se om min egen viser no mer farge. Synes den var fin fortsatt da!

  2. Den er uansett fin :-) Kan hende at det kommer fram flere farger med to strøk f.eks. Du får prøve det :-)