Thursday, 8 September 2011

China Glaze ~ Paper chasing

From the summer collection in 2009 named Kicks, and it really does have a massive kick!

This colour is one of the more awesome I've seen. Clear, bold green with some shimmer. It reminds me of some see-through, glassy very artificial glacee cherries a friend brought me from the states. In that glassy, see-through quality lies, however sadly, on of it's bigger downfalls. It's SO sheer. Above is three coats and there is still a massively distinctive vnl. Well, i could live with that, but it stained my nails something terrible and made me look like I've been a chain-smoker for 40 years. Major fail. I had originally thought to re-apply it to layer Kleancolor's Chunky holo green over it, but i'll need a break first.

Have you tried this? Did it stain, or do I just need a better basecoat? And what is the story behind the name? I'm completely lost on the meaning behind this one.


  1. Dritfin! Wow, den falt jeg for altså. Bare synd den er så svak...

  2. Veldig synd. Men kanskje om jeg finner en bra nude for min negle-/hudfarge og legger et lag under så kan det være håp? Men det er jo sikkert også den veldig svake pigmenteringen som gjør at den får det litt glassaktige over seg.